3 PR lessons from Beyoncé

beyoncc3a9_jay_z_seattle_2Igniting a career as an internationally famous entertainer might involve some publicity here and there, even if you’re the innovator of the surprise album, Beyoncé.

Queen Bey continues to dazzle us all with her voice, wit and grit. With a career spanning across trends, generations and cultures, her ability to brand (and re-brand) herself has landed her a spot as one of the greatest entertainers in modern times.

How she keeps audiences interested can serve as a guide for PR pros looking to drum up attention for clients, too. Here are some tips:
1. Keep it simple. When Beyoncé released her self-titled 2013 album, she did it in a way no one expected: silently and overnight. Late-night iTunes users were surprised to see a new album from Beyoncé available for purchase after no press or publicity was used prior to the debut. The results? The world freaked out and Queen Bey experienced one the most successful moments of her entire career.

Sometimes it can pay to keep your PR simple and let the product or service speak for itself. A loyal audience will follow.

2. Keep It Clean: Graphic designers might want to create the craziest graphic to get attention, but something Beyonce’s fan base latched onto was the clean design that followed through from her self-titled album all the way to her summer tour with husband and fellow musician, Jay-Z. The clean font became instantly recognizable as a part of Queen Bey’s branding and has landed on TV screens, t-shirts, and more.

Consistency counts.

3. Keep It Fresh: The innovative “On the Run” tour in the summer of 2014 featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z presented a fresh perspective on summer concerts. Instead of headlining the largest stadiums, the duo chose to perform nearly exclusively at baseball fields outfitted with a mobile stage aptly named the “Beyhive.” Be sure to keep your PR campaign fresh with unique ideas that are still classic and relatable.

Feeling inspired to rock sequins while figuring out your next PR move? While that might not help you achieve Beyoncé’s level of success, these valuable insights can improve your public relations and branding in no time.


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